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I hope you have some lovely plans lined up for this Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Two 4-day weeks in a row, urmmm yes please, sign me up.

Now if you don’t have plans or know someone that doesn’t can I recommend reading a best-selling book? It is the fantastic, chart topping, raved reviewed… Tumorous Hesticles Just Say Cancer by Af Marseh. That’s me. (Click on the link)

Now, let’s not waste any time. You’re all here with the interest to know how many books have been sold since October 24th (The books publication date).

Now, it’s a funny question to ask an author how many copies have you sold so far. Right? It kind of feels like people would ask “How much money do you have in your bank account?”

Now, some people come straight out with it. Like “yeah, nice book, but how many have you sold?.” I’m still unsure if that is the measuring stick of success or that’s just a personality trait of some people. I like to imagine they approach all small businesses with the same attitude. They walk into independent bakeries and say “yeah, nice cup cakes, but how many have you sold?” Not, “So, do they taste alright?” or “Is the book any good?”

Now before I tell you the figures, I’ll just give you some other stats. The average lifetime book sales of a self-published book is 250 books. In it’s lifetime. I have unfortunately had no marketing budget to put to the book so far. It has so far, all been organic sales.

Now here’s the catch…

If you want to know how many books I have sold, firstly I’d like to know how many books you have sold. Is that a deal?

As it’s Easter Bank Holiday in the UK hopefully we’re all having a lovely relaxing extended weekend. So here’s the deal… Sell one book for me. Just one. If everyone of my subscribers sold one book to a friend, family member or contact then I will reach my 2nd major target by the end of April.

Also, April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Even better for a little intro right? “Hey everyone it’s Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and you should buy this book!” – As a heads up, direct messages are much more successful for selling books to people. Shares, Stories, Posts are all great and really help and support the cause. (I love seeing them all) But a direct message closes the deal. Just one book.

If you are new here and didn’t receive the subscribers email then you have one more task to receive the information of how many books have been sold. And that is…. insert your email address to my mailing list. As soon as you subscribe you will get an email back with the number of books sold. Hmmm that really tests how interested and/or nosey you want to be doesn’t it? 🙂

Simply press on Subscribe Today here.

If you are not new here then scroll to the bottom of this email and you will see the stats. As of 27th March 2024.

If you’d like some graphics on your marketing journey of selling one book. There are two graphics below to help you along your way. Share them far and wide. Thanks for reading!

Tumorous Hesticles Just Say Cancer - Testicular Cancer Awareness Book
Tumorous Hesticles Just Say Cancer – Testicular Cancer Awareness Book
Audiobook about testicular cancer
The Number 1 Audiobook on cancer and testicular cancer. Available on Audible and Apple Books.


Keep this to yourself, as an exclusive subscriber to my blog. You get to know this…

Paperback, Hardback, Audiobook, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Total Orders = Hidden Text for Subscribers Only

Kindle Unlimited – Pages Read Total = X. (approximately X books). So total is… Hidden Text for Subscribers Only

We are closing in on the road to …

So come on, lets start that ‘BALL’ rolling for April and #TesticularCancerAwareness month by sending Tumorous Hesticles back up the charts and reaching X sales.

Send the link, send the images, send nudes. Do whatever you have to do!

Stay tuned for more updates and please subscribe to the mailing list here.

Here is the shareable book link…

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